Workshop FAQ


Workshop Participation

1) What is the difference between a Workshop and a Lecture/ Poster presentation?

A workshop is specifically geared toward teaching attendees some specific method, tool or software relevant to social networks. These presentations are not free and require additional payment for attendance. Prices will be confirmed on the Registration page on this website. You must register for the conference to participate in the workshops.


2) Can I participate in more than one workshop?

There are three workshop slots (morning, early afternoon and late afternoon) each 3 hours long. You can book one workshop in every slot. However, please consider, that some workshops take up two slots!


3) Where can I find details regarding the workshops?

Please find a detailed description of all workshops here.


Workshop Organization

1) How long is a workshop?

Workshops last one or two three-hour sessions.


2) Can I limit the number of attendees for my workshop?

Yes, you can specify a limit while submitting your workshop proposal.


3) Can I post content for people to download prior to or after the workshop?

EUSN’s website does not have the capacity to maintain extensive data, documents and other content posted by users. However, you can include a reference to some other website in the workshop abstract directing people to the content.