Paper and Poster FAQ


1) General information for authors


Paper presentations

Each presenter has a 20 minute timeslot. Thus, the oral presentation should last between 10 and 15 minutes, leaving at least 5 minutes for discussion. We ask the session chairs to be strict, so the sessions run on time.

All rooms are equipped with a laptop (Windows), a beamer and a whiteboard or blackboard. Please bring your presentation on a USB stick in a compatible format (ppt or pdf). In addition, you may also distribute printed handouts or a printed version of your paper among the audience.


Poster presentations

Posters will be presented on Thursday afternoon. Please print your own posters and hand them over to the local organisers on Thursday morning - we will hang them up during the day.

The posters should be in size DIN A1 (841mm by 594mm) or DIN A0 (1189mm by 841mm). Landscape and portrait are possible.

The poster should illustrate the most important aspects of your research: Research question, theoretical background and hypotheses, data and methods, results, and conclusion.

During the poster session the best poster will be selected by the participants and receive an award.



2) Frequently asked questions


What is the difference between Paper Sessions and Poster Sessions?

Paper sessions consist of several oral presentations followed by discussions. Each presenter has a 20-minute timeslot. Thus, the oral presentation should not exceed 15 minutes, leaving at least 5 minutes for discussion.

At the EUSN2017, we offer an array of organized paper sessions, which focus on specific topics hosted by experts in the field. In addition, the general paper sessions encourage contributions addressing questions related to social network analysis, but not represented in the organized sessions.

In the poster session, research is presented visually. Posters will be displayed on September 28. In the late afternoon, poster authors will have the opportunity to discuss their research with colleagues. The best poster will be selected by the conference attendees and receives an award.


How can I submit a proposal to a paper or poster session?

Submission of paper proposals is exclusively possible through the conference management tool CONVERIA.

  1. Enter the title of your presentation
  2. Select the session you want to submit your abstract to (List of Sessions)
  3. Enter your abstract text. The number of Words is limited to 500.
  4. Enter the list of co-authors and their contact details.


Can I edit my abstract after submission?

You can edit your submissions until March 31. Simply log in to CONVERIA and go to your "C3 overview". Press "View submitted contributions" and select "edit". You will be able to edit your information throughout the submission process.


Can I add/change an author after I submitted my abstract?

You can add/change authors until March 31. Just follow the steps illustrated in 3).


Do I have to submit the actual full paper?

You do not submit the full text of your paper through CONVERIA. You only submit the abstract. We considers abstracts, not complete papers, when reviewing your submission for a presentation or poster. Nonetheless, you might want to bring a PDF or printed version of your paper to distribute among the audience of your presentation.


Are there any other requirements I should be aware of in order to optimize my chance of acceptance?

The abstract must relate to work on NETWORKS, most likely, social networks. If it is not about networks, even if it is an interesting and well-written piece of work, it will not be accepted. The review committee may ask you to re-cast the paper so that it is about networks, and ask you to submit again.


Is there a limit on submissions?

Only two submissions per person will be considered (posters count as a submission).