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Mainz is at the heart of Europe in close proximity to Frankfurt/Main (FRA) airport (about 30min by car or train).

You could also travel to Frankfurt Hahn (HHN) airport. In this case, please note that longer commute (about 1 hour). Public transport to Mainz is only provided a few times a day.

Other airports within reach (less than 3 hours by train) include Cologne (CGN) and Düsseldorf (DUS).



There are several different categories of trains in Germany. Regional trains (S, RE, RB, VIA), express trains (IC, EC) and high speed trains (ICE). Please note that they all have different price categories. All tickets can be booked via the Deutsche Bahn (online booking is possible and recommended).


Caused by several building sites at the main station it won't be possible to take any bus/tram lines from Mainz main station. Therefore you have to take following bus/tram lines from the west station.


The easiest way to Mainz University is to take one of the following bus/tram lines from Mainz west station. (Not "Hauptbahnhof"!)


  • Line 6 (direction „Münchfeld/Gonsenheim Wildpark“)
  • Line 51 (direction „Lerchenberg“)
  • Line 53 (direction „Lerchenberg“)
  • Line 54 (direction „Klein-Winternheim“)
  • Line 55 (direction „Finthen“)
  • Line 56 (direction „Finthen“/„Wackernheim“)
  • Line 57 (direction „Bretzenheim“)
  • Line 59 (direction „Hochschule Mainz“)
  • Line 64 (direction „Hartenberg“)
  • Line 65 (direction „Hartenberg“)
  • Line 68 (direction, „Budenheim“)
  • Line 75 (direction „Schwabenheim/Ingelheim“)
  • Line 90 (direction „Finthen“)
  • Line 91 (direction „Lerchenberg“)
  • Line 650 (direction „Sprendlingen“)


With every bus/tram line you may exit at the bus stop „Universität“ (main entrance, Forum universitatis).


JGU Campus